Carpet Cleaning


Make your life easier with this proven solution for Carpet Cleaning

Drive more jobs with local presence

Get your business found and book jobs on Google and other local consumer platforms.

Carpet Cleaning is coming back. Win their business with Prowave

The pandemic has profoundly impacted the carpet cleaning industry. Leveraging local presence on Google and other platforms allows carpet cleaning company to address these changes in consumer job booking behavior.

The post-pandemic homeowners needs assurance

Prowave helps a carpet cleaner get more jobs from the post-pandemic homeowners. Led by home owners spending more time at home, consumers are doing far more cleaning. They are deeply concerned about cleanliness, and a carpet cleaner's reputation and safety assurances are critical factors in their choice. Prowave helps a carpet cleaner ensure that home owners have all the information they need to feel that they have made an informed decision about their carpet cleaner choice.

Help homeowners discover and book jobs

Carpet Cleaners choose Prowave to get found and get jobs on the most crucial consumer network. Automate and scale the management of local online presence.

Protect your reputation with review management

Keeping track of online reviews is challenging enough with customers, but what if you manage segments of your current customers? Prowave allows carpet cleaners to administer reviews for all their customer base across all significant online properties, starting with Google.

Take jobs right on Google

After homeowners have selected your company, secure their job right on Google. With set job right on Google, homeowners can request cleaning from your Google business profile with their stored personal and payment details, speeding time to conversion.
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