Make your life easier with this proven solution for Restaurant

Make your restaurant the right choice

Show diners that your restaurant is the best option for what they are seeking.

Differentiate against the competition

Diners have come to expect to select from a wide range of options for their specific needs. Let them know why your location, menu, fulfillment options, ownership, and safety precautions make your restaurant their best choice.

New options for diners and new opportunities for restaurants

Diners have more options on where to purchase prepared food than ever before. They also have a wide range of choices on how to get that food with the widespread availability of online ordering, curbside pickup, and fast delivery. Prowave provides services that allows restaurants to leverage these trends to acquire and retain customers by optimizing local presence.

Bring diners from Google, Apple, Bing, and more into your restaurant

Local presence on the big platforms is more important to a restaurant than their own web presence. Prowave helps restaurants and agencies take on this challenge with a toolset that automates an optimized local presence across all relevant platforms for five of five thousand locations.

Let diners know your fulfillment options

Google reports 9,000% year-over-year growth in searches for “curbside pickup” in the U.S. Fulfillment options are just one of the many factors that diners consider when narrowing down their choices. With Prowave, restaurants can ensure that their listings rise to the top in more searches containing relevant keywords.

Increase visits and order size with posts

Schedule months of rich posts featuring photos, promotions, new products, events, and more with Prowave. Bring diners back more frequently and get them to spend more with timely offers surfaced while they are making their restaurant selection.
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