Make your life easier with this proven solution for Retail

Local shopping journeys start online

Capitalize on local shopping trends to drive foot traffic and attract new customers.

Shoppers are looking for what’s in your store. Will they find you?

The pandemic has accelerated shopping trends in which shoppers use consumer platforms like Google and Bing to select which stores they will visit. Make it easy for shoppers to find your locations with Prowave.

Benefit from changes in local shopping behavior

Shopper behavior has shifted in ways that can benefit local retailers. Consumers are going online to plan local shopping trips. At the same time, shoppers have come to believe that trying to shop local is the right thing to do. Local retailers who optimize their local digital presence will be the beneficiaries of these trends.

Leverage Google, Apple, Bing, and others to drive retail foot traffic

If shoppers are starting the shopping journey online, how do your stores get found? Prowave simplifies the best practices required to meet local online shoppers where they are. Whether you are responsible for five stores of 5,000, Prowave allows you to capture these shoppers’ attention to drive more foot traffic and grow your customer base.

Get your product inventory listed

According to Google, searches for “who has” + “in stock” have grown by more than 8,000% year over year. However, most of those results have favored big-box retailers who have provided their local inventory to major consumer platforms like Google. Prowave simplifies and accelerates the complicated process of getting retail products listed.

Drive shopper engagement with posts

Leverage the power of posts with messaging promoting new products, events, sales, and more. Request reviews and offer chat interactions. With Prowave, you can schedule months of posts across thousands of locations.
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